Vitamin C Disks


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Our most requested product is FINALLY here!

Our Vitamin C Disks are packed with vitamin C supplements for optimal health.

We use the best natural sources of vitamin c.

We use the most potent sources:

❤️Dandelion Leaf
❤️Organic Bell Peppers
❤️Rose Hips
❤️Through months of research, we found the highest quality vitamin c powder

Made with Ground rolled oat, dandelion leaf, organic red and green bell pepper bits, organic rose hips, highest quality Vitamin C (as L-ascorbic acid), acerola (vitamin c), ground flax seed, apple, blue butterfly pea powder

Dosage: Feed 1 tablet per day per 2lbs body weight.

For pets under 1 year old, we recommend 1/2 of a tablet per day.

Pack of 10 Tablets

Prior to dehydration, Disks are 1.6 inch bottom x 1.3 inch top diameter x 0.4 inch depth

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