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Hi friends. Due to numerous reasons (see red notice on shop page or home page), we have to stop Pea Flakes once we run out. I am extremely sorry for this as I know many of your babies only liked ours (which is a huge honor)

Again, we are so sorry for this inconvenience. We are actively working on improving and innovating our other treats 🙂

Finally! Fresh pea flakes made in the USA! By investing in making pea flakes myself, this allows me to offer larger sizes at more affordable prices!

Don’t pay for dust! We use an exclusive sifting process to remove virtually all dust from your pea flakes!

About our Pea Flakes-

The Natural Cavy was one of the first US-based shops to sell imported pea flakes. We are now making them in-house to have full control over quality and transparency. Our pea flakes are named after Daniel’s late pig, Chloe. She was the sweetest and strongest pig, and gained her wings on June 3rd, 2020 after a long battle with persistent gut stasis. She had a very hard time keeping weight on, so she got unlimited pea flakes daily (along with recovery food). Therefore, we named our pea flakes in honor of her. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to try our own homemade pea flakes, but I know she would have begged for more! Her legacy will live on through our pea flakes and our Chloe's Pea Flake Squares as well as our Chloe Pea Flake Queen sweatshirt

We make our pea flakes multiple times per week using organic whole peas. We use an exclusive sifting process to remove virtually all dust from your pea flakes! See exactly when your pea flakes were made with the batch date label on the front!

We use several types of peas for variety, which also helps those picky ones who decide to be difficult with pea flakes! You’ll notice a few different types and colors ranging from normal muted green to super vibrant green!

Almost all Rabbits and Guinea Pigs absolutely love and devour pea flakes! It’s extremely hard to find them in the US so we are very happy and proud to provide them to you on our shop with our own brand!

Pea flakes vary in color. They are typically green but can also be white depending on light exposure. We make and store pea flakes in a dark environment to stop any further color deterioration. Color does not affect pea flakes in any way.

Pea Flakes provide an essential nutrient Lysine and your bunny or piggies will go crazy for these!


2 oz | 50g

7 oz | 200g

28 oz | 800g

Average Analytical constituents of typical pea flakes: (WE ARE IN THE PROCESS OF GETTING A FOOD ANALYSIS FOR OUR BRAND OF PEA FLAKES)
protein 23.0 %
fat 2.0 %
fiber 6.0 %
ash 3.0 %
calcium 0.01 mg/kg
phosphorus 0.05 mg/kg
moisture 11.0 %

Care Instructions:

Keep away from direct sunlight and store in a cool dry place. Keep the white packets with your pea flakes to absorb excess moisture. Best when used within 2-3 months from purchase. Will last for 6-18 months when stored in your freezer.

For large bags of Chloe's Organic Pea Flakes: to prevent spoilage, we recommend keeping your Chloe's Pea Flakes in your freezer. Take out 1 serving (2-10 flakes per pet (according to bag label)), allow them to come to room temp. before feeding. While our pea flakes are dehydrated at a low temperature, they are a perishable food and if exposed to heat and humidity could cause them to spoil over time. 


All products are made in and packed in a cat-friendly🐈, piggy-friendly🐹, and smoke free🚭 home.

Additional information

Weight 8 oz

1 oz / 25g / Trial Size, 2 oz / 50g, 3.5 oz / 100g, 7 oz / 200g, 8 oz, 28 oz / 800g / ABOUT 2 lbs, 16 oz / 454 g / 1 lb, 7 oz – TWO BAGS 14oz Total

13 reviews for Chloe’s Organic Pea Flakes | Made In-House in USA!

  1. ThreeDaysSkillet (verified owner)

    These are the perfect treats to get if you are a new piggy parent and just want something cheap that they will like. It isn’t so expensive that you are gouging out your pockets and they love it so much so it doesn’t feel like you are wasting anything. If you want a safe healthy treat they are guaranteed to love this is the option!

  2. Raven (verified owner)

    My babies love these pea flakes. These flakes are the best quality I have found. I have very picky piggies and tried other pea flakes to find they wouldn’t eat them. I’m happy to have found the Natural Cavy on Etsy and now can order here and get the cavy cash. Fantastic!!!

  3. supergrl00 (verified owner)

    These are amazing! She now expects these when I put her food bowl in her cage. She is a very picky eater and she eats these right up. I use these when I need to trim her nails which helps a ton.

  4. Katie Backman (verified owner)

    Best pea flakes you can get! My piggies love these!
    No dust and full good size flakes. Highly recommend.

  5. Christina Laugle (verified owner)

    A favorite treat for my girls. These are great. Flakes are nice size. Everything I have received from this shop has been wonderful.

  6. Kerry F. (verified owner)

  7. Sandra Jones (verified owner)

    Our pigs LOVE these. They lose their minds when they hear the bag open.

  8. alexandra ahmed (verified owner)

  9. (verified owner)

    These are the best pea flakes I’ve come across! LOVE that they are organic (no pesticides for my lil guys) and all three of my piggies ADORE these. The texture of these is great – the entire bag is full of thick, sturdy pea flakes. No more crumbly dusty bits that are hard to feed. Will definitely be purchasing again.
    Also received a “cavy game” scratcher and thrilled to have won…more pea flakes! 10/10, fantastic product.

  10. Mysti Rolenc (verified owner)

    My piggies love these pea flakes! I love being able to support a small business and knowing that they have the health of our animals in mind!

  11. Alba Thillet (verified owner)

    Before buying pea flakes from the Natural Cavy I had bought once from somewhere else. Well they were thin, small, and tiny broken pieces in the bag. I happen to come to the Natural Cavy on Etsy and have continued to buy pea flakes (and other products) from here. They are a good size and there are no thin broken pieces when they arrive. My babies love them. And I know they are of good quality.

  12. Nina Hernandez (verified owner)

    My 8 piggies go bonkers for these pea flakes. I once bought them from another site. And my picky peegs pretty much told me to NEVER do that again!. Thank you Daniel and to your whole team for making my babies happy with all your yummy goodies!. Thank you!!❤️ Chapo,Bacon,Hammy,Elvie,Pop,
    Bear,Ham and Chompy

  13. Samantha (verified owner)

    I’ve been getting these for awhile now. I was sad when they stopped for a bit and tried other company during that time but thrilled to see they’re back to making them. Compared to other company’s the pea flakes have bigger sized peas, less dust and the color looks better. I’m always happy to spend more for my nine Guinea pigs if it’s giving them a much better product and this certainly is.

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