Pea Flakes

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A can’t-go-wrong treat that is sure to become your small pets’ FAVORITE treat!
Don’t pay for dust.

We use an exclusive sifting process to remove virtually all dust from your pea flakes!


Earn up to 96 Cavy Cash.


We use an exclusive sifting process to remove virtually all dust from your pea flakes!

Almost all Rabbits and Guinea Pigs absolutely love and devour pea flakes! It’s extremely hard to find them in the US so we are very happy and proud to provide them to you on our shop!

Pea flakes vary in color. They are typically green but can also be white depending on light exposure. We store pea flakes in a dark environment to stop any further color deterioration. Color does not affect pea flakes in any way.

Pea Flakes provide an essential nutrient Lysine and your bunny or piggies will go crazy for these!

Sizes are by weight not volume as you get more product by weight❤️

Average Analytical constituents:
protein 23.0 %
fat 2.0 %
fiber 6.0 %
ash 3.0 %
calcium 0.01 mg/kg
phosphorus 0.05 mg/kg
moisture 11.0 %

All products are made in and packed in a cat-friendly🐈, piggy-friendly🐹, and smoke free🚭 home.

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25g, 60g, 100g, 200g, 300g, 400g, 500g

5 reviews for Pea Flakes

  1. ThreeDaysSkillet (verified owner)

    These are the perfect treats to get if you are a new piggy parent and just want something cheap that they will like. It isn’t so expensive that you are gouging out your pockets and they love it so much so it doesn’t feel like you are wasting anything. If you want a safe healthy treat they are guaranteed to love this is the option!

  2. Raven (verified owner)

    My babies love these pea flakes. These flakes are the best quality I have found. I have very picky piggies and tried other pea flakes to find they wouldn’t eat them. I’m happy to have found the Natural Cavy on Etsy and now can order here and get the cavy cash. Fantastic!!!

  3. supergrl00 (verified owner)

    These are amazing! She now expects these when I put her food bowl in her cage. She is a very picky eater and she eats these right up. I use these when I need to trim her nails which helps a ton.

  4. Katie Backman (verified owner)

    Best pea flakes you can get! My piggies love these!
    No dust and full good size flakes. Highly recommend.

  5. Christina Laugle (verified owner)

    A favorite treat for my girls. These are great. Flakes are nice size. Everything I have received from this shop has been wonderful.

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