Pumpkin Snackers- Thin & Crispy Snacks

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Our Snackers just got better with added Vitamins A, C, D, and E!


Second to our pea flakes, our Snackers are our 2nd bestseller! And we can see why! Our pigs all BEG for Snackers!

We all know guinea pigs and rabbits require unlimited hay 24/7. Our Snackers are a hay- enriched crispy snack with delicious flavors!

Each Snacker is 1 inch x 1/2 inch prior to dehydration and are roughly cut

ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: Oat, Timothy Hay*, Oatstraw, pumpkin

*not organic


Feed up to 4 Snackers™ per day

Snackers and any treat do not replace loose hay. Guinea pigs and rabbits require unlimited hay 24/7

We offer our Snackers in the following sizes:

Net wt: 1oz (approximately 25-40 Snackers)

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All products are made in and packed in a cat-friendly🐈, piggy-friendly🐹, and smoke free🚭 home.

Additional information

Weight 1 oz

1 oz (avg 25-45 treats), Test: 3 oz w/ added Vitamin C (avg 75-160 treats), 1 oz w/ added Vitamin C, Summer Series: Watermelon ONLY 1 oz, Summer Series: Watermelon ONLY 3 oz, Autumn Series: Pumpkin ONLY 1 oz, Autumn Series: Pumpkin ONLY 3 oz

1 review for Pumpkin Snackers- Thin & Crispy Snacks

  1. rob (verified owner)

    Oh Wow, these pumpkin snackers were an instant home run. Took a nano-second for piggy to sniff at something unfamiliar before she grabbed it and ran to a corner to devour it. A good sign as she wants no one to take it away!

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