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Our Bonbons are the perfect ‘confection’ for your piggies or buns. They’re a great boredom breaker treat and just look so dang cute! Now with an extra boost of fiber and protein from ground flax.

Prior to dehydration, bonbons are 1.18’’w x 0.79’’h. Bonbons will shrink slightly.

Bonbons come in an assortment of:

Carrot w/ Rose Petals
Beet w/ Parsley
Blueberry w/ Apple Nibbles
Blue Butterfly Pea & Apple w/ Carrot Bits

20 pack exclusive: flavor and toppings will vary. Will be labeled on packaging


We offer our BonBons in the following amounts:

▪️4 BonBons▪️

▪️20 BonBons▪️


Organic ground rolled oats, carrot juice and pulp / beet juice and pulp / blue butterfly pea / blueberry juice, ground flax, rose petals/parsley flakes/apple nibbles/organic diced carrot


Feed 1 Bonbon per day alongside a healthy diet. Guinea pigs and rabbits require unlimited hay 24|7

*Beet should be fed in moderation. May discolor urine but is 100% safe and beneficial!

Additional information

Weight 4 oz

9 Bonbons, 2 Bonbons, 4 BonBons, 4 Bonbons w/ added Vitamin C, 20 BonBons, 20 Bonbons w/ added Vitamin C, 50 Bonbons, 4 Apple Cranberry Autumn Bonbons, 12 Apple Cranberry Autumn Bonbons, 4 Pumpkin Autumn Bonbons, 12 Pumpkin Autumn Bonbons, 12 Bonbons

4 reviews for Karen’s Bonbons

  1. ThreeDaysSkillet (verified owner)

    These are amazing handcrafted treats that my piggies just loved! It took a bit to get used to them but I found that if I broke it in half they enjoyed it more. They loved em so much and I will definitely get more in the future.

  2. supergrl00 (verified owner)

    I can’t wait to try the new style on BonBons as I got the older version but Rosie loved them so much regardless. I am ordering again as she expects a special treat each week now.

  3. Christina Laugle (verified owner)

    These were beautifully packaged and my piggies really enjoyed them. Thank you!

  4. Minnieandnugget (verified owner)

    These are so adorable! The piggies couldn’t stop wheeking when I opened up the packaging. They love them and requested I get more

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