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Pet store cages are not acceptable living conditions for guinea pigs. Even the largest size (which is usually over $100!) does not meet the minimum required square footage for guinea pigs. Midwest Habitat cages are good and can actually be connected to create a bigger space but I’m letting you in on a not-so-secret trick…


YUP! Making your own C&C (Cubes & Coroplast) cage is relatively easy to do. You can also get preassembled bases and grids from guineapigcagesstore.com (this is what I have always done)

Some basics to know:

C&C cages are talked about based on their size. Each grid is 14×14 inches. So for example a 2×3 is 28×42 inches. It is 2 grids wide by 3 grids long.

At the time of writing this, here is the price breakdown (before shipping) for C&C cages on this site:

Full cages (coroplast base + grids + connectors):

2×3- $61.99 (1-2 pigs)

2×4- $75.99 (2-3 pigs)

2×5- $86.99 (2-4 pigs)

2×6- $98.99 (2-5 pigs)

A cheaper route to go would be to get the preassembled bases and get 1-2 packs of DIY storage cube shelving from Amazon or Bed Bath and Beyond (each pack is usually around $20 and typically include 17 grids which make up to a 2×6 cage (grids are not needed on the bottom)

Pre-assembled bases only:

2×3- $37.99

2×4- $44.99

2×5- $51.99

2×6- $57.99

So, (before any shipping), you can get a 2×6 cage for $78 ($58 for preassembled base +$20 grids from BB&B). The only assembly you need to do is assemble the grids to place around the coroplast base.

Something to keep in mind is Guinea Pig Cages Store only has cages 2 grids wide. If you’d like a 3 grid wide cage or larger, you will need to make your own coroplast base. SkinnyPigs1 and Scotty’s Animals have good videos on YouTube for doing this!

Some benefits of a larger cage:⠀

Less Smelly– having a larger cage actually helps cut down on cage smell and lasts longer between cage cleanings.

BONUS TIP: Guinea Pigs pee and poop the most where they eat and to a lesser extent sleep. By changing out their “kitchen” area, you can drastically improve the smell (we also recommend an air purifier)⠀

Less Full Cage Cleanings– As touched upon in the first point, pigs do their business mainly where they eat. This means you can go longer between full cage cleanings. NOTE: Fleece bedding should always be changed at least once per week regardless. ⠀

HAPPIER PIGGIES!!!!– A larger enclosure gives your pigs the freedom to zoom and popcorn to their hearts’ content! This way they don’t have to “wait” until floor time—which they may not be as active when you do it. Having their HOME large enough, they’re free to get their energy out on their own time.