Backyard Bounties Collection

Home Grown.

I have always had a suppressed admiration for gardening but have always had a black thumb. I have delved head-first into the world of gardening and am proudly feeding myself, my pigs, and your pets with my little patio garden!

More Than Just Organic.

Not only do I use organic seeds, organic soil, amendments, etc; I put so much love into each plant I grow. Every 2 weeks or so, I feed them with a no-waste compost tea from our organic fruit and veggie scraps. 

Seasonal Bundles

We may offer seasonal bouquets or bundles of our harvests depending on yield. (This will become more stablized once I establish a proper full garden in the years to come.

Harvests can include anything grown from our timothy hay, veggies grown, many herbs, lots of wheatgrass, fenugreek, and more!

Year-Long Offerings

I hope to have the harvests that can be done regardless of season (wheatgrass, timothy hay, fenugreek, herbs, etc) that are available even when the garden isn’t active.

Connect with Us!

We’re always showing our planting and gardening updates on Tiktok!

Please Note:

Because we operate an organic garden, there may be instances of dried bugs that were part of the soil’s biome. We do extensive washes for all produce. Hay is not washed, it is directly dried.

If an accidental bug is included, your pets know what to avoid. For omnivores such as hamsters, they can be a good protein source.

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